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The compact optical machine for universal tool inspection.


The ZOLLER pomBasic is the compact solution for universal tool inspection and measuring.


This system is a specialist in the process-oriented measuring of drills, milling cutters and counterbores, making it an essential part of your tool inspection solutions. Designed to enhance production efficiency and uphold quality standards in manufacturing, pomBasic fits seamlessly into your manufacturing environment. Whether it’s in the metrology lab, inspection rooms or right next to your CNC grinding machines, pomBasic delivers high-accuracy, contact-free measurements, ensuring the longevity of your cutting edges. With inspection reports available at the click of a button, this universal solution is as fast as it is simple.

Compact and Precise

pomBasic’s space-saving design is suitable for any production environment, offering precise inspection and measuring solutions


Simply insert the tool, start the process, inspect and you’re done


With a clear software interface for a simple inspection procedure and assistant-supported measuring procedures, pomBasic is an easy-to-use tool inspection and measuring solution

High Accuracy

Automatic optical edge detection, high-quality camera systems and automatic light controls ensure precision in tool inspection systems

Reliability and Integration

Direct data transmission to the grinding machine ensures seamless integration into your workflow, upholding quality standards in manufacturing


With the software module regrind, pomBasic is capable of all wear and tear measurements, making it a comprehensive tool management solution

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