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The comfortable working environment for tool assembly.


The ZOLLER zTower mounting island can be positioned in central open spaces and offers a well-lit workspace for convenient tool assembly.


The perforated rear wall, equipped with a lighting system, allows you to attach standard fixing hooks to securely hold your hand tools and other accessories. The cable duct bar on the tabletop contains sockets and network connection. The toolOrganizer tool cabinet provides space to store additional tools. It is available with both mechanically and electronically lockable compartments and can be connected to the TMS Tool Management Solutions software.


Optional monitor including keyboard and mouse shelf for the use of TMS Tool Management Solutions directly at the workplace

Perforated rear panel for attaching standard hooks for hand tools and other accessories


A well-lit place for convenient tool assembly


Can be positioned in central open spaces


Freely configurable setup options with or without toolOrganizer

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