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The precision presetting and measuring system.


Experience the epitome of precision with ZOLLER’s toolBalancer, a state-of-the-art presetting and measuring machine. Designed for modern cutting machines operating at high rotational speeds, the ZOLLER toolBalancer ensures finely balanced tools for optimal performance. 


The asymmetrical design of the toolBalancer results in an asymmetrical mass distribution, providing two-point contact and a central pressure element for the highest precision. This presetting machine is perfect for tool holders, grinding wheels, and rotors. Its ergonomic design allows for individual adaptation, meeting your requirements now and into the future.

The ZOLLER toolBalancer guarantees longer, controlled, effective, fast and high-quality production. It significantly reduces your rejection rates, machine downtime, production costs and lead times, enhancing your production efficiency.

Equipped with dynamic new technological features for balancing on one and two planes, the toolBalancer is user-friendly with a 17-inch touchscreen interface loaded with ZOLLER operating software and visual insertion aid. Balancing correction aids for various weights, move weights, radial drilling, milling and axial drilling are in place, along with laser marking to display imbalance and corrective positioning on the tool holder.


More cutting power, less wear and tear with highly accurate and balanced tools, enhancing quality standards in manufacturing.


Individual adaptation thanks to the modular design – the right tool presetting solution for every need.

Simple Simple

Self-explanatory operation, making it an ideal tool management solution.

Comfortable and Ergonomic

Maximum comfort with simple touchscreen operation, keyboard and mouse, embodying the best of tool presetters.


Asymmetrical design for highest precision, symbolising our commitment to measurement solutions.


Guarantees longer, controlled, effective, fast, and high-quality production, boosting production efficiency.

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