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The universal measuring machine for fully-automatic inspection of cylindrical hob cutters.


The ZOLLER hobCheck, is the universal measuring machine designed for fully-automatic measurement and inspection tasks of cylindrical hob cutters.


The ZOLLER hobCheck opens up new possibilities for comprehensive, economical and fully automatic measurement and inspection tasks. With an intelligent combination of transmitted light image processing technology and sensors, more than 15 parameters, such as tooth profile, concentricity, wobble, pitch and shape tolerance, are assessed precisely in seconds. 

User-friendly software and an intuitive graphical user interface allow for the simple creation of measurement procedures, from random sampling to complete measurement tasks. In addition, hobCheck offers a comfortable, convenient wear and tear evaluation on the tooth head for regrinding.


Tooth for tooth: fully automatic, comprehensive measurement of hard metal or HSS milling cutter parameters in accordance with DIN 3968


CNC-controlled, swivelling optic carrier for distortion-free measuring of the tooth form

Fully automatic

Intelligent combination of image processing technology, CNC axes, and measuring sensors


Seamless documentation of extensive measurements according to DIN 3968


Software with an intuitive graphical user interface for easy creation of measuring procedures


Opens up new possibilities for fully automatic, efficient, and complete measurement of milling cutters


Offers wear and tear evaluation on the tooth head for regrinding

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