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The robot for automated standard tasks in daily tool handling.


The Zoller cora solution is a collaborative robotic assistant designed to supports humans in all standard tasks in automated tool preparation.


The cora collaborative robotic assistant supports humans in all standard tasks in automated tool preparation.

For example, your tools can be picked, assembled, clamped, cleaned and labelled, fully automatically. The gripper can securely grip a wide range of complete tools and a variety of tool holders, positioning them in both the presetting and measuring machine and in the Smart Cabinets or tool cart. Thanks to the connection of the robot to the central tool database. One and thus to the ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions software, cora knows where each tool and component is located.

An application example: cora can independently open the keeper tool cabinet, remove the prepared complete tool, insert it into the presetting and measuring machine and start the measurement process, simply and quickly with very little programming effort. After opening or closing, it is swiveled by 90° and does not interfere with tool handling.


By transferring standard tasks to the robot, your employee can simultaneously take care of additional processes and work steps


Tool measurement
during production


Smooth processes during tool handling such as assembly, adjustment, measurement, cleaning or marking of tools

Reliable planning

Extremely high predictability


With ZOLLER products and other systems via the central tool database

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