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Two-day tech demo delight at ZOLLER UK Open House

Dozens of Representatives from Across 40 Businesses Have Descended on South Derbyshire to Witness First-Hand How Brand New Technology Can Improve Their Manufacturing Processes.

ZOLLER UK welcomed around 80 visitors to its two-day open house event, demonstrating how its specialist tool presetting and inspection solutions lead to time and cost savings for organisations of all sizes.


Among the highlights was the smileCompact, a table-top machine suited to a production environment that measures standard tool parameters in just seconds, ensuring they are of the right quality to create accurate and quality parts prior to machining.

There was also an exclusive in the form of Smart Cabinets, a range of manual or automated cabinets with advanced inventory software to efficiently manage tools and accessories, which went on display for the first time in the UK.

Leigh Tricklebank, Sales Manager for Foston-based ZOLLER UK, said: “As well as best-in-class tool presetting and measuring machines to suit all budgets, we specialise in providing total tool management solutions – our whole focus is on giving suppliers and manufacturers the power to make products better, faster and cheaper.

“We achieved our aims for this event of securing high attendance, developing open opportunities and conveying new technologies to delegates.

“They were very receptive to our innovative solutions and, thanks to the hard work of our staff, we’re delighted to be able to say the two days were a huge success.”

Alongside live machine demonstrations, the open house also featured products from trusted ZOLLER UK partners Openmind, Kyocera Unimerco and CG Tech, covering computer-aided design and manufacturing solutions as well as cutting tool servicing, maintenance and verification.

presetting technology

Part of the Carfulan Group, ZOLLER UK supplies to sectors including automotive, aerospace, petrochemical and medical.

Presetting and measuring tools accurately allows businesses to improve both tool and part quality, benefit from longer tool life and boost reliability and reputation. This increased efficiency leads to a rapid return on investment (ROI) for users of ZOLLER UK products.