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Across global markets in a sector where tolerances are non-negotiable, the automotive industry must constantly innovate to meet the increasing demands of customers.

To remain competitive, manufacturers are required to work to shorter delivery times across a greater variety of models, ever more complex designs and soaring expectations of quality, all the while identifying relevant cost reductions.

Whether it’s making tyres, drivetrains, engines or windscreen wipers, businesses turn to ZOLLER’s advanced and customised tool pre-setting, inspection and management solutions when there’s simply no room for inaccuracies.

Thanks to the capabilities of our range of pre-setters, tool configurations can be set offline with micron precision before being loaded into cutting machines to get to work. In this way your production up time is increased and end products are right first time, every time.

Failed tools are intuitively held back from production with ZOLLER systems, while automated and in-depth statistical analysis identifies pieces that are failing to work to their advertised or maximum potential.

Click on our product ranges below to discover ZOLLER equipment popular in the automotive arena:

Popular Zoller equipment used in Automotive includes

» Vertical presetting and measuring machines:

» Horizontal presetting and measuring machines:

» Presetting and measuring of crankshaft cutters:

» Presetting and measuring of milling heads:

» Heat-shrinking systems

» Tool balancing options

» Inspection of gear cutting tools:

» Process-oriented measurement:

» Universal tool inspection and measuring machines:

» Tool Management:

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