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Five reasons to visit ZOLLER UK at MACH 2024

The UK’s leading manufacturing exhibition, MACH 2024, is fast approaching and is set to be the biggest and best year yet, with more innovations under one roof than ever before. ZOLLER UK will be returning to MACH for the 10+ consecutive year, showcasing a range of world-leading tool presetting and inspection systems, including the launch […]

Equipping the Future of Manufacturing: ZOLLER & Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, also referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, represents the next transformative phase in the digitisation of the manufacturing sector.  It is the convergence of information and operational technologies to enable seamless communication and collaboration between physical machines and digital systems.  This combination, alongside advancements in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, […]

Three key ways ZOLLER will reduce annual scrap rates

Minimal scrap is crucial in today’s competitive manufacturing environment.  Wasted materials, lost production time and delays in delivery, means finding ways to reduce annual scrap rates is a key priority for modern manufacturers. ZOLLER offers a comprehensive solution designed to eliminate human error, ensure micron-level precision, and optimise the entire production process. ZOLLER’s automated tool […]

Eliminate operator error on the shopfloor with ZOLLER

Operator error is one of the largest challenges for modern manufacturers.  Manual measurements, visual data interpretation and manual data entry all risk high levels of inconsistency and potential errors. This results in large amounts of scrap, machine crashes, out of tolerance tooling, costly reworks, ill-utilised production time, as well as large amounts of machine downtime. […]

Maximise tooling performance with ZOLLER

In modern manufacturing, achieving consistent, high-quality products requires comprehensive quality control over every element of the production process, beginning with tooling.  Maximising tooling performance requires unwavering precision and repeatability, ensuring every tool is accurate, and within the specified tolerances. ZOLLER UK delivers world-leading precision tool presetting, inspection, storage and management solutions, adding improved efficiency and […]

What are the 5 key challenges with setting tools directly onto a CNC machine?

As the manufacturing  industry’s demands continue to grow, the technology and processes used by manufacturing companies must keep pace with modern advancements to remain competitive. However, traditional manual tool setting methods are now outdated and struggle to provide the accuracy and repeatability required by modern manufacturers. Setting tools directly onto a machine poses a number […]

Unlock the Power of ZOLLER’s Diverse Data Transfer Options

Accurate and efficient data transfer plays is crucial for modern manufacturers. Traditional data transfer methods, often reliant on manual data entry, are prone to errors, which can lead to costly consequences such as scrap, rework, spindle collisions, and extended production times. To address these challenges, manufacturers are increasingly seeking advanced data transfer solutions. Secure and […]

Get the best out of your heat shrink tooling with ZOLLER UK

Heat shrink tooling has emerged as a revolutionary method for securing tools with unparalleled accuracy and 360° clamping force. Unlike traditional tool holders that rely on clamping mechanisms like collet systems, heat shrink tooling utilises the power of heat to expand and contract tool holders, providing a more uniform, rigid connection between the CNC machine […]

3 key ways ZOLLER UK will get the best out of your CNC machine tools

One of the biggest challenges that manufacturers face today is unlocking the full capacity of their CNC machine tools. ZOLLER UK delivers world leading precision tool presetting, inspection, storage and management solutions, adding improved efficiency and value to any manufacturing process.  By maximising machine capacity, reducing tooling costs, and overcoming operator skill challenges, ZOLLER’s innovative […]

Preset the next job whilst machine tools are running with ZOLLER UK

The modern manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly competitive, meaning manufacturers have to maximise all of their machines capacity. It is vital for modern manufacturers to have tools that can be preset quickly and accurately, without disrupting the production process. ZOLLER tool presetters offer a revolutionary solution to this challenge, by measuring tools offline away from […]