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Data Transfer

Data communication between individual elements of production forms the basis for what we know today as Industry 4.0

Today, there are many available options for securely and quickly transferring data from your tool presetter to your CNC machine.

With ZOLLER, you can already securely transfer tool data to your CNC machine(s) no matter the manufacturer: Via RFID chip, post-processor (DNC system, Distributed Numerical Control), or even through higher level manufacturing control systems. One simple yet highly effective option is encryption of actual data in a data matrix code, which is scanned in on the label with a reader connected to the CNC machine controller.

zidCode-ZOLLER optimised manufacturing


The efficient solution for tool identification and data transfer

The ZOLLER identification code is a new and efficient solution for tool identification and data transfer developed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses. zidCode does not need a network connection, but instead transmits data for complete tools without complication using a QR code.

You can save 45% of the time spent manually entering actual tool data into the machine controls. Input errors are also avoided entirely – time-consuming reworking is eliminated, and process security is increased.



Fast way to the tool identification and data transfer

This solution is ideal in particular for large companies with a modern machine plant. The RFID chip is written on the presetting and measuring machine and automatically read by the tool machine.


DataMatrix Code

Safe, quick and guaranteed error-free data transfer to your CNC machine

This version of data transfer works via a cost computer system. The tool is identified by data matrix code on the precision tool holder. Thanks to automatic data transfer between machine and presetter, crashes due to incorrect tool data are completely eliminated.

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