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What is offline tool presetting?

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Efficiency and accuracy are at the centre of manufacturing and production. Ensuring components are produced consistently to increasingly tight specifications, requires the guarantee that tooling and equipment remain accurate. Tool presetters offer a significant benefit to manufacturers, ensuring less machine downtime, increased productivity, extended tool life, reduced scrap and optimum accuracy, all of which improve machine performance and profitability from day one.

ZOLLER UK delivers world-leading precision tool presetting, inspection, storage and management solutions, adding improved efficiency and value to any manufacturing process. Presetting allows manufacturers to set their tools with micron-precision, ensuring their products are manufactured with absolute precision at the first attempt. ZOLLER boasts a vast range of horizontal and vertical presetters. Explore the wide range of ZOLLER UK offline tool presetters.

What is offline tool presetting?

Traditional on-machine tool presetting is unreliable. Critical tool features cannot be validated prior to machining, increasing the risk of crashes and failures. Valuable production minutes are lost every time a spindle stops turning, negatively impacting the bottom line. ZOLLER offline tool presetting solutions eradicate this issue and bring a wealth of other benefits, from quality right-first-time products to extended tool life.

Offline tool presetting with ZOLLER allows you to gather essential tool data from your tools using ZOLLER’s world leading tool pre-setters.

CNC machines rely on accurate dimensions and tool data to perform their jobs effectively. Incorrect tool setting can result in crashes and faulty components being produced, due to wrong data being inputted or inaccurate tools being utilised for projects. This leads to damaged tools and waste of both time and materials spent producing inaccurate components.

Tool presetting measures a multitude of specifications such as length, diameter, the cutting-edge radius of tools as well as run-outs. These dimensions can then be translated to any machine across the shopfloor via QR codes, RFID chips and even wireless connection, making them ready for production almost immediately, maximising productivity across the manufacturing processes.

Offline tool presetting offers numerous advantages that can significantly impact a company’s bottom line by improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing the quality of manufactured products.

Benefits of offline tool presetting

  • Save hours of production and manufacturing time.
  • Eliminate the need for test cuts by compensating for cutter runout to improve tool life.
  • Meticulously measure and calibrate machine tools for accurate and precise end-use products.
  • By tracking tool accuracy and only replacing tools when necessary, it will significantly reduce tooling costs. 
  • Reduce scrap by ensuring only accurate and precise tools are used in production.
  • Reduce machine downtime by setting tools offline whilst keeping manufacturing machines running.
  • Produce detailed and accurate documentation and traceability of tool measurements, offsets, and other relevant data.
  • Standardise tool measurement and storage, eliminating operator error.


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