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3 key ways ZOLLER UK will get the best out of your CNC machine tools

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One of the biggest challenges that manufacturers face today is unlocking the full capacity of their CNC machine tools.

ZOLLER UK delivers world leading precision tool presetting, inspection, storage and management solutions, adding improved efficiency and value to any manufacturing process. 

By maximising machine capacity, reducing tooling costs, and overcoming operator skill challenges, ZOLLER’s innovative tool management solutions maximise the capacity of CNC machines, helping to achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency.

3 key ways ZOLLER UK will get the best out of your CNC machine tools

1. Maximise machine capacity

ZOLLER’s innovative offline tool management solutions have revolutionised manufacturing and production processes, unlocking the maximum capacity of CNC machines. By moving tool pre-setting and preparation tasks off the machine, ZOLLER’s offline tool management solutions eliminate machine downtime whilst maximising machine utilisation and minimising set-up times to ensure that CNC machines are solely focused on producing high-quality, profitable products. This streamlined approach not only enhances productivity but reduces the time spent on non-profitable and unproductive activities, maximising machine capacity and driving growth for manufacturers.

2. Reduce tooling costs and scrap

By ensuring the accuracy and standardisation of tool measurement, ZOLLER’s digital and automated tool management solutions help minimise scrap and reduce tooling costs. Accurate tool measurements ensure components are manufactured correctly, reducing the need for reworks and the expense of scrapped parts by ensuring the correct tool is used. ZOLLER’s tool management solutions optimise tool capabilities, extending tool life and reducing the frequency of tool changes. This minimises machine downtime and failures, reducing costs and enhancing overall production efficiency.

3. Overcome operator skill challenges 

ZOLLER’s innovative tool management solutions bridge the gap between operator expertise and machine capabilities. ZOLLER’s intuitive, user-friendly software solutions and automated processes allow operators to achieve even greater levels of accuracy and repeatability, regardless of their skill level. The automation and digitalisation of ZOLLER’s tool management technology seamlessly integrates into the existing manufacturing workflow, enabling consistent and accurate tool measurement across the shopfloor and maximising CNC machine utilisation.


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