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7 ways ZOLLER UK will help reduce your tooling costs

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As the manufacturing industry becomes increasingly more demanding and competitive, reducing tooling costs is a key priority for companies looking to stay competitive.

ZOLLER UK provides world-leading precision tool presetting, inspection, storage and management solutions, adding improved efficiency and value to any manufacturing process. ZOLLER tool management solutions give full visibility of tools across the shopfloor to make informed and data driven decisions about tooling purchases in the future.

ZOLLER’s range of tool presetting and tool management solutions can significantly help reduce tooling costs by ensuring manufacturers get the most from their tooling.

7 ways ZOLLER UK will help reduce your tooling costs

1. Right first time tool usage

Presetting tools with a offline tool presetter from ZOLLER will guarantee manufacturers that their cut will be right first time, minimising the risk of damage to tools and wasted materials.

2. Optimised tool life

Ensure tool measurement accuracy with an automated, ZOLLER offline tool presetter will mitigate tool damage throughout production and help extend and optimise tool life.

3. Increase tool cutting speed and productivity

Ensure the accuracy of tooling away from a CNC machine cuts out a significant amount of set up time and allows for tools to run at maximum capacity, producing more products, more accurately, in a shorter time-frame.

4. Unlock machine and tooling capacity

Investing in a ZOLLER tool presetter enables manufacturers to measure and preset tools offline whilst other tools continue to run production for other jobs simultaneously, optimising production capacity and profitability.

5. Optimised process control

ZOLLER’s Tool Management Solutions (TMS) allow full locatability and traceability of tools across the shopfloor. Operators can track where tools are and who is using them at any point. This reduces time spent looking for tools and helps to immediately locate missing ones to prevent delays across the production process.

6. Planning your tool needs

With ZOLLER’s tool management solutions, operators have total visibility as to which tools are available for which machine in advance of production. When programming data for a part, operators will be able to view parts that may not be available or need to be re-purchased.

7. Reducing tool variety

ZOLLER’s software solutions provide a single view of tool utilisation, enabling operators to identify underutilised tools and streamline workflows, boosting productivity.


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