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What tooling information can be collected by ZOLLER?

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In modern manufacturing, the accuracy of tooling is paramount to achieving the highest level of quality and efficiency of a production process. ZOLLER are industry leaders, offering the most accurate and advanced tool measurement technology available and provide comprehensive solutions for acquiring and managing critical tooling information.

ZOLLER offers purpose-built inspection solutions that enhance machining capabilities and streamline tool setting procedures. Beyond the fundamental measurements of X (diameter) and Z (length) axis, ZOLLER provides next-level tool measurement, inspecting the intricate geometries of cutting tools. With advanced capabilities, ZOLLER measurement technologies can accurately measure corner radii, complex tool profiles, and even intricate cutting edges, ensuring that every aspect of a tool is correct and optimised for peak performance.

What tooling information can be collected by ZOLLER to bring tool measurements to the next level?

Corner radius

Measuring the corner radius of cutting tools is crucial for modern manufacturers and engineers because it significantly impact the surface finish of the workpiece. ZOLLER tool measurement solutions ensure that the corner radius is measured accurately and consistently to optimise machining processes, enhance tool life, improve surface quality, and achieve the desired production rates.

Tool angles

Accurate and consistent measurement of tool angles is vital for modern manufacturers as it directly influences the cutting process, tool life, and surface finish of the workpiece. By using ZOLLER’s tool measurement technology, manufacturers can guarantee that tool angles are precisely measured, minimising cutting forces, reducing vibration, improving machining stability, and preventing any potential damage to the workpiece or machine tool.

Tool runout

Tool runout, a critical parameter in machining operations, can significantly impact surface finish, tool life, and machine tool integrity when excessive. ZOLLER’s tool measurement solutions effectively measure tool runout, ensuring precision cutting forces and even distribution of cutting forces, thereby preventing damage, minimizing dimensional errors, and boosting overall quality.

Incremental lengths

Incremental lengths are the distance by which a cutting tool is moved along its axis of rotation which are essential to achieve the desired depth of cut and surface finish. ZOLLER tool measurement solutions accurately measure incremental tool lengths ensuring precise control of the depth of cut, to attain the desired dimensions and tolerances on the machined component.

Stick out lengths

Precise measurement of tool stick-out lengths is crucial for cutting forces, tool rigidity, chip removal, and overall machining performance. ZOLLER’s advanced tool measurement solutions provide accurate measurement of tool stick out lengths to enhance tool life, improve surface quality and achieve desired production rates, leading to optimised machining processes and improved production outcomes.

Inclusive angles

ZOLLER tool measurement solutions offer precise measurement of inclusive angles to ensure that tools are properly adjusted for the specific workpiece material and machining conditions. This minimises tool wear, extends tool life, and reduces production costs to attain the desired surface quality for specific machining applications, leading to improved productivity and consistent quality.

Point angles

ZOLLER tool measurement technology is crucial for accurately measuring tool point angles, directly influencing tool wear and durability. By ensuring accurate tool point angles, machinists can minimise tool wear, extend tool life and reduce production costs to optimised machining processes.


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