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ZOLLER – The final piece to the shopfloor

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In the advanced industry of modern manufacturing, efficiency and precision is a key priority. ZOLLER, a pioneer in tool presetting and inspection solutions, is empowering manufacturers to elevate their shopfloors to new heights.

ZOLLER’s comprehensive suite of tool presetting, inspection, storage and management solutions seamlessly integrates into existing shopfloor processes, elevating them to a new level of performance. They have transformed the way tools are managed, offering significant time and cost saving solutions. ZOLLER’s solutions are designed to provide the final piece of any shopfloor, not to replace existing machines, helping manufacturers to unlock a new era of efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness.

ZOLLER – The final piece to the shopfloor

ZOLLER’s state-of-the-art tool management solutions empowers manufacturers to elevate their operations to new heights by providing cutting-edge technology that enhances efficiency, optimises processes, minimises scrap, and guarantees tool accuracy.

Increasing efficiency

 Using ZOLLER’s tool management solutions, production machines can remain operational without interruptions to maximise machine capacity. The versatility of ZOLLER’s tool management systems allows a single machine to set tools and transfer data to multiple CNC machines, streamlining operations and reducing downtime.  ZOLLER’s automated and digitalised tool measurement technologies eliminates manual tool measurement, unlocking operator capacity and increasing overall efficiency.

Optimising processes

ZOLLER’s tool management solutions seamlessly integrate into existing shopfloor workflows, promoting speed, accuracy, and consistency to optimise production processes. By providing real-time data on tool wear and performance, ZOLLER enables proactive identification of potential issues, allowing for timely interventions and preventive maintenance. This data-driven approach helps to prevent costly unplanned downtime and production disruptions, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. 

Reduced scrap

Minimising scrap and waste in production processes is vital. By ensuring the precision and accuracy of tooling, ZOLLER helps to produce right-first-time products, eliminating the need for reworks and reducing the risk of producing defective or unusable parts. This precision-driven approach contributes to significant cost savings and minimises the likelihood of errors and scrap.


Guaranteed tool accuracy

ZOLLER’s tool management solutions enable manufacturers to guarantee the accuracy of their tooling by conducting systematic inspections and frequent monitoring to ensure that only high-quality and calibrated tools enter into production. ZOLLER identifies  any potential discrepancies from the specified tolerances, instilling confidence that tools are performing at peak capacity and consistently meeting customer specifications.


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